motives to go to Khao Ping Khan Island

located inside the Pang Nga Bay in Southern Thailand, the Kaho ping khan Island has been popularly called the ‘James Bond Island’ because the bond film ‘the person with golden eye’ filmed inside the Island.
This Island is well-known for its dramatic limestone cliffs jut out the placing inexperienced waters. The 20 meter-tall, the needle-fashioned status rock called Ko Tapu is the most famous among them, one that has been featured inside the James Bond movie. It changed into fashioned over two hundred million years in the past with the aid of erosion.
a really perfect location for enjoying sea canoeing. The Island has a number of awesome caves at the limestone rocks. other than the caves and emerald green waters, you could additionally experience the view of lovely mangrove forests within the environment.
Boating is the nice manner to explore the lovely Ko Tapu, standing rock of the Island. The longtail boat service in the Island has a seating capacity up to 10 people. the velocity boat service is likewise available right here.


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